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Here you will find PDF catalogues of our adult educational programs. Simply click on any of the red PDF buttons below to open a catalog, then choose the video you want to watch and click on its title to launch it.

Jeffrey L. Falick, Secular Humanist Rabbi,

Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism

Natan Fuchs, Madrikh and Scholar,

Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism

Services, Lectures & Special Events

Experience our weekly services and lectures alongside special offerings!



The (Secular Humanistic) Rebbe's Tisch

Our Secular Humanistic rabbi, Jeff Falick, presents the stories of the Torah and other Jewish literature utilizing the tools of critical study of the text.



Beliefs of the Jews

A year of "comparative Judaism" that examines the histories and beliefs of Jewish movements ranging from Reform to ultra-Orthodoxy and every single one between!




Jewish History Seminars

Natan Fuchs' special history seminars.



News for Jews and Saturday Morning Bible Study (2009-2015) 

For many year Natan Fuchs held weekly seminars and discussions of current events alongside Bible study.